avI got my first camera when I was 14 years old. It was a Yashika FX2, fully manual. I remember it cost 800.000Lira and my family had to work for a month to earn that money. The camera was like a magic box for me. I couldn’t image what happened inside it. I remember my first attempts and they were disappointing. There was no one to help me, to give me any advice on how a camera worked. So I soon left my camera in its bag for a long time. It was 1989 and I was 15 years old. In 1995/1996 something happened. I didn’t know why but I felt like something was missing. I started to see everything differently. People became portraits and landscapes became postcards for my eyes. Everything had something to tell and I had to capture what they showed to me. I picked my camera up and started using it again after 8 years. I started to read a lot about Photography, magazines and the web were the most important resources for my knowledge. At the beginning, I shot everything I liked; flowers, landscapes, street and so on but people were my favourite subjects. After thousands of photos I started to pay attention to how they dressed, how they moved. In a small place where there are a lot of people you can find lots of stories and every story is an important one.
All this charmed me. I started to see people differently, I observed more carefully. Walking through the way, shopping, talking to them. Nothing is more interesting.

Today I spend lots of my time on Photography. I am a portrait, nude and glamour photographer, so I work with models in particular. I love to have an idea and to make it real through my camera. I love to talk with my models and this is the first and the most important step too. To feel what they want is my first aim and I keep talking to them. I paid attention to the technical aspects in my first works. This way I reached good technical results but nothing more. I started to find my way and my style too, so I left any technical things aside and started to try and capture the story behind my subjects. Technical aspects didn’t matter now. My shooting techniques are very simple. I don’t like using flashes, strobes, grids etc… I prefer using a camera, a lens and one or two, reflectors. The simpler, the better. Working with light allows me to concentrate on my subject, my scene, my goal and my picture.

Why do I love photography?

Photography makes me feel well. When I shoot I am wrapped up in my vision through the lens. The model is my muse and she is a focal point in my mind. At the end of a shooting I am very tired but the pictures taken are not so important. The most important thing is what remains of the experience between the person and myself. Pictures are not a problem because models are great, locations are right for my vision, moods are calibrated and everything is planned for in advance. So results are often predictable. When I get back home after a shooting I feel tired but satisfied and this is my way, this is my life.
My Yashika is still inside a bag but she a new digital camera has taken her place.

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